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Who we are...

Mission Statement

​We are an Association of home and property owners in the Lake Sherwood Subdivision, dedicated to maximizing a sense of community and resource management around a lifestyle with an emphasis on lake living and recreation out-of-doors.

Core Values

  • Good Neighbors - We are neighbors/citizens first, Association members second … There is no better substitute than to resolve issues as neighbors … Not all issues will have Association implications.

  • Volunteerism – We value highly our volunteers who go beyond the normal commitments of being a resident.

  • Riparian - We will maintain or improve the conditions of our Lake and related property, valuing it as the reason for our Association's existence and the greatest factor for our property values.

  • Grounds Keepers - We will maintain the non-lake properties of the Association in a manner that complements the lake and doesn't detract from the value of our properties.

  • Good Citizens - Each home/property owner has a responsibility for the care, condition, and ongoing value of our common assets and properties.

  • Common Good - We will evaluate all issues on their merit to the Association, and the Mission Statement and not with regard to any particular interest group.

  • Continually Improving - We will endeavor to evolve as an Association to the ever-changing times in the policies and decisions we make, always referring to the original by-laws for the spirit in design of our subdivision.

Operating Principles

  • Although we must be organized and efficient as a board, we will be open-minded and listen to the opinions of all fellow home/property owners.

  • The Board, while trying to operate in a professional, business-like fashion, will always be mindful that there is a human side to our residents. In these matters, we will reflect on our true motivations by consulting the Mission Statement and our Core Values.

  • The Board will address all questions and concerns in an objective fashion, understanding that issues can and do become personal for both the Board and home/property owners.

  • The Board will weigh the interests of all home/property owners equally regardless of geography within the subdivision.

  • The Board will seek to separate homeowner issues from Board issues.

  • When purchasing on behalf of the Association, a preference will be given to using the goods & services of resident owners, followed by local businesses … where practical.

  • On issues when a certain group of home/property owners will be affected, the Association will make a specific effort to seek the input directly affected parties.

  • On broader community issues, the Association will develop opinions/responses by (in order):

    • The implications to our lake and related property

    • The broader Association/subdivision

    • And the more localized implications

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