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Fishing on Lake Sherwood

Because we have annual fish stocking and use the catch and release method, it's no wonder our lake has a reputation of being the best fishing lake in the area. Returning caught fish to the water will continue to keep the sport on our lake the best. Professional fish surveys were conducted in 1981 and 2003. 2003 reported -


Overall, the Lake Sherwood fish community is in good shape and no major changes in fish management are needed. Bluegill, largemouth bass, black crappie, yellow perch, walleye, northern pike, some stocked and some wild, Panfish, rough fish such as carp, bullheads, and suckers, forage fish, primarily young bluegills can be found in Lake Sherwood. Please note that Lake Sherwood is a private lake and fishing rights are reserved for residents. For questions or for additional information please contact our Fisheries Manager.

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Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass need to be 14 inches to keep. It is a species that should be released in nearly all cases. They make up the mainstay of our predator population and are not known as a culinary delight. Be careful with the fish you catch and return. Minimize the time they are out of the water, support large fish from the belly not just from the lower lip and be careful removing hooks.
Northern Pike need to be 24 inches to keep. They too are not the best eating fish. Treat them with respect, take a quick picture and let your neighbor enjoy the same fish.
Walleyes need to be 15 inches to keep. Walleyes are one of the best eating fish that swims anywhere. Take what you can eat at a meal and return others. Remember though, they need to be 15 inches.
Crappies & Perch have no minimum size limit. These are fish that can be hard to find on our lake much of the year, but at key times can provide a fishing bonanza. These are the times to exercise restraint. Keep a few, but return the big ones. These are the fish that provide the "big fish genes" to future generations.
Bluegills also have no minimum size limit and are abundant in our lake. They are also very good eating. The lake can sustain the removal of many bluegills. Return the biggest fish, keep some eaters, fire up that frying pan.

Ice Fishing is a popular passtime on Lake Sherwood. Residents who wish to ice fish are requested to contact our Fishing Manager to obtain proper documents. Non-residents will be asked to leave the lake immediately. Thank you for your support.

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