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Facts about Lake Sherwood


  • Runs 1,600 feet long, measures 100 feet at the top and 200 feet at the bottom. A railroad tank car is used as an inner liner for the dam. Fall letdown begins November 1st. Water level lowers approx. 1" per day. Boards replaced April 1st.

Fish Species

  • Largemouth Bass

  • Pike

  • Walleyes

  • Bluegills

  • Sunfish

  • Perch

  • Rock Bass

  • Crappies


  • Commerce Tunnel is 12 feet wide, 11 feet tall, and 50 feet long.

  • Ledgewood Tunnel is 29 feet wide on the lakeside and 31 feet wide on the back canal side.

    • The Tunnel is 9 feet tall at normal water level.

    • Note: Water levels can fluctuate between 6 and 8 inches higher and lower.


  • 630 homes

Lake Outlet

  • At the South end of the lake into the Huron River and flows through Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti to Lake Erie.

Lake Type

  • Impoundment: maximum depth: 20 feet


  • Total Surface area about 260 acres (includes 2 acres of islands)

  • Main Lake: 2.4 miles - 147.3 acres

  • Canals: North Side - 18.1 acres

  • South Side (East of Main Lake)- 94.6 acres

  • Totaling: 9.2 miles

  • 1.6 miles of shoreline & 258 acres of water

  • Water Level 925 feet above sea level



  • The Lake Sherwood watershed starts at Teeple Lake in Highland Recreation and flows into Proud Lake Recreation. Also, Lake Sherwood is fed from Tray Lake, into Cranberry Lake across Commerce Road.

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