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Lake Sherwood Dues

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Dues are $400 this year.  These Dues cover the period from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. Your Dues pay for maintenance and improvements to Lake Sherwood as well as the area grounds. The 2023 budget was approved at the October 2022 General Membership meeting. The approved Dues for 2023 amount is $400.00 per lot, the same amount as 2022. 

Due date is February 28, 2023. There will be no second notice. Any dues not paid by March 30, 2023 will
have late charges of $50 applied.
As per the By-Laws, the LSA Board of Directors reserves the right to file a
lien on any property with unpaid Dues and pass the charges on to the member. Further, ramp access to or
from the lake will not be given to any homeowner who has not paid their Dues, has not filled out a Boat Ramp User Agreement 
(not required every year, so if already completed, no need to submit another one), and has not provided proof of ownership for all vessels. 


Timing:  If you want to use the boat ramp in 2023, you need to pay your Dues beforehand.  Please allow at least 2 weeks from the time you make your payment until the payment is fully processed by the Association and for your boat ramp access card to be activated

No monies collected at the ramp. Your account will need to be paid in advance to gain access to the lake via the electronic gate at the ram. Each resident will use their ramp access card that will only be activated once all monies owed LSA are paid in full. 


Electronic payment option. This year, LSA will again be able to accept electronic payments in two forms, credit card or ACH, through our bank (PNC Bank). A step-by-step process is available by going to   This option will be available any time 24-7. A convenience fee will be charged. If paying by credit card, the total amount due is $415. If
paying by ACH/electronic transfer, the total amount due is $403. It is your responsibility to pay the appropriate
amount on the secured PNC website and assure funds are available.

Off-water property owners – The A-Lot registration form.  To access the form, please click here LAKE SHERWOOD ASSOCIATION (“LSA”) (  Please submit your form to either
the LSA PO Box or email it to Linda Gepper at (Yes, we accept these forms

We appreciate the support of all property owners in the task of maintaining Lake Sherwood’s assets and
keeping Lake Sherwood a desirable place to live. Please help the volunteers by paying your Dues timely. 

Board of Directors
Lake Sherwood Association, Inc.

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