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Lake Sherwood Homeowners Association

Lake Sherwood is a social community of people with the shared values of neighborly respect, diverse lake living activities, and civic responsibility.

Our diversity takes many forms

  • Seasonal and year-round residents

  • Families, couples, singles, empty nesters, and seniors

  • Fixed Income, strivers, and achievers

We are among the very few private, all-sports lakes in Michigan, but our uniqueness is deeper than that.

  • Our all-sports main lake and extensive canal/no-wake areas accommodate all forms of water sports in harmony… water skiing, tubing, and knee-boarding, fishing, swimming, pleasure cruising, PWC riding, etc

  • We actively communicate within our Association with the best newsletter, website, event sign postings, e-mail, and word-of-mouth.

  • We have an extensive variety of social activities for year-round fun, for both children and adults.

  • We deeply care about each other, our neighborhood, our community, our lake, and our common areas.

  • We get involved.

  • We are the aspiration of all other private, all-sports lakes because of our people and our lake. Our relatives, friends and co-workers strive to some day buy a home in Lake Sherwood.

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