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Committee Chairs


Group or persons tasked with enforcing the communities’ architectural standards. Before building a new structure or making any changes to the exterior of an existing home or other structure, homeowners are required to submit their proposal plans for review and approval from the Architectural Review Committee.

Tom Hughes

Phone: 248-685-0631

Greg Woelfel

Phone: 248-894-1500

Boat Ramp

Group or persons tasked with managing the boat ramp gate system and process.

Todd Wood

Phone: 248-980-4052


Group or persons tasked with getting a permit from the township for the annual 4th of July display, as well as booking and managing the firework vendor.

Gloria Hughes

Phone: 248-685-0631


Group or persons tasked with coordinating and managing seasonal social activities for both children and adults throughout the neighborhood.

Jody Payne

Phone: 678-491-4745

Volunteer Coordinator

Person tasked with coordinating volunteers for various committee and activity needs around the lake.

Pam Thomas

Phone: 248-568-3780

Asst. Treasurer/Memberships

Group or persons tasked with maintaining the member association list of incoming and outgoing neighbors. Responsible for retaining the annual list of paid and past due members.  Acts as Assistant Treasurer. Collects dues checks, records and deposit checks & electronic payments. Contact point for title companies, providing LSA status letter for house closings. Maintains mailing list for the LSA View. Also provides updates to the A-Lot Dock team and to the Boat Ramp Committee.

Sharon Sarkisian

Phone: 248-514-8008

Beautification Lawncare

Group or persons providing overall care, health and maintenance for lawns, trees and fences for the community shared spaces, such as A-lots,  parks, islands and entrances.

Karen Adams

Phone: 248-676-0547

Kathy Sawicki

Phone: 248-685-7056


Group or persons responsible for the Association boat maintenance and usage of pontoon for various lake needs.

Todd Wood

Phone: 248-980-4052

Fish Management

Group or persons tasked with managing fish stock and conservation of the fish within the lake.

Dan Devine

Phone: 248-255-7207

Lake Treatment

Group or persons tasked with managing and controlling invasive and nuisance aquatic weeds with the goal to improve water quality to expand recreational opportunities.

T.J. Gurski

Phone: 734-716-7499

Water Safety

Group or persons tasked with communicating boating and swimming safety tips to keep residents safe. Responsible for position of “no wake” buoys on the lake, as well as identifying sandbar and shallow areas with buoys. Coordinate efforts with County Sherriff and schedule patrol visits.

Brandon Leslie

Phone: 248-210-4492

Nick Polcyn

Phone: 248-863-8410

Waterfowl Control

Group or persons tasked with coordinating with the DNR (or applicable governing body) to manage geese and swan egg and fowl population on the lake.

Cathy Brush

Phone: 248-685-0147

Andy Sarkisian

Phone: 248-684-5179


Group or persons tasked with visiting and welcoming new residents with a packet of information about Lake Sherwood and the surrounding community.

Gloria Hughes

Phone: 248-685-0631

Dam Manager

Group or persons responsible for the operations and maintenance of the dam, which helps maintain lake levels, as well as assuring compliance with regulatory bodies.

Tom Hochthanner

Phone: 248-305-0357

Andy Sarkisian

Phone: 248-684-5179

Township Liaison/Legal

Group or persons tasked with representing the Association for any issues with the county or township that desire representation to speak on the behalf of the LSA.

Kathy Sawicki

Phone: 248-685-7056

Andy Sarkisian

Phone: 248-684-5179

A-Lot Manager/Director

Group or persons tasked with managing the twelve (12) A-lot dock locations for off-lake residents.  Responsible for overseeing the dock slip users and making sure the docks are safe and maintained in a way that represents the Lake Sherwood Community. 

Linda Gepper

Phone: 248-787-6298

Paul MacDonald

Phone: 248-685-9736

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