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Lake Sherwood Island Information

Several Islands are available for use for camping, swimming, picnics

Island Overnight Use: There are three islands on the main lake that offer dockage for picnics, socializing, or camping: A small island called Remo's U-turn at the south end, a small island Skiers at mid-lake, and a large island Higgins at the north end.

permit form and a $50.00 deposit, refundable deposit are required. Upon compliance with the rules and regulations of Lake Sherwood will reserve an island for you and your guests; a pass is issued. Applicant must possess a driver's license and a pass at all times on the island. The permit is required for any persons occupying any of the islands after 11:00 pm and before 8:00 am.

Rules include no loud or disturbing late (early morning) noise, no destruction of Lake Sherwood property, no littering, no teenage drinking, and contained campfires only (large enough to burn only logs and twigs). No vagrancy; therefore, no sleeping on picnic tables or without camping equipment. A Lake Sherwood resident must be present during the requested hours on the application. Resident must also supply own receptacle to haul trash off the island.

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