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A-Lot Dock Information

Lake Sherwood Lake Access Lots for off-lake residents

There are 160 dock slips on 12 LSA Access Lots (A-lots) around the lake.  These slips are available to provide seasonal docking for off-water residents.  Slips are assigned on a first come, first served basis by the A-lot Committee. To request an a-lot assignment, you must complete the USER AGREEMENT and pay a one-time fee of $800.00.  The ANNUAL REGISTRATION form must be completed each year prior to launching your craft.  You must be a LSA member in good standing to obtain a dock slip.


A-Lots with boat slips are available throughout Lake Sherwood. To find a convenient location check out the A-Lot Map.


  1.  All A-lot docks are owned by the Lake Sherwood Association.  Off-water residents who have obtained a slip assignment must, with their dock partner, maintain the dock with a safe and stable deck with no protruding fasteners or broken/cracked boards. The deck must be level within 2” side to side.  All stringers are to be sound, not cracked or bent.  Safety is of prime importance.

  2. Appearance:  The docks should be well maintained and as similar as practical to other docks on the A-lot.  The docks will be maintained with wood/aluminum surface (no paint or colors).  Commercially available bumpers and fenders are allowed. No tires may be used as bumpers/fenders.

Recommended Specification:

  • Width – 36” (48” Handicapped allowed only with written Committee approval and only as space allows.)

  • Length – Each section is 10’, One, Two or Three sections may be used as needed and as space allows.

  • Height – The deck surface must be above the water level.

  • Material/Construction – Commercially available wood/aluminum stringer decks or wood decks of 2” thick treated lumber.  Poles to be commercially available 2” galvanized steel with screw bases.

  • Lifts – may be placed in a slip with the written approval of the A-lot Committee, space permitting.


  1. Slip Users must register their boat every year with the A-lot Committee. Unregistered or unused slips may be reassigned.

  2. An unsafe or dilapidated dock or lift may be removed at the slip user’s expense.

  3. No lifts or watercraft may be stored on shore at the a-lot, but they may be left in the water over winter.  Boats can be stored overwinter on lifts.  This is at the boat/lift owner’s risk due to ice/wind damage 

For further information, contact Linda Gepper, LSA A-lot Committee,

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